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We have available a selection of signed Limited Edition Fine Art prints by R.O. Lenkiewicz all at competitive prices inc;. 'Fiorella' 'Study of Lisa' 'Anna with black shawl'  'Painter with Karen' 'Karen seated' 'Anna with paper lanterns' 'Esther seated' 'Study of Anna' 'The painter with Lisa' as well as a number of embossed prints inc. 'Karen standing' and 'Esther with silver locket'  For images and prices please contact us.

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Mental Health Study
Mental Health Study
Oil on board, 540mm x 440mm
Lenkiewicz - Mary

Robert O. Lenkiewicz
Anna With the Paper Lanterns
Limited Edition Print,
520mm x 370mm, 20.5" x 14.5"
£925.00 Framed

Anna Paper lanterns
Robert O. Lenkiewicz
Painter with Lisa

Limited edition signed silk screen print, (331/395),
800 x 750mm, £1,750 framed.

Robert O. Lenkiewicz
Study of Anna
Limited edition signed print, (750),
490 x 470mm, £495.00 framed.

Anna by Lenkiewicz
Robert O. Lenkiewicz
Study of Lisa
Limited edition signed print, (750),
365 x 365mm, £895.00 framed.
Mental Health Project,
pen and ink drawing,
355 x 420mm, £POA.
Robert Lenkiwicz Ink Drawing

Robert Lenkiewicz,
A selection of pen,ink and pencil drawings c.1960 produced by Robert in "The Loft" Coffee Bar in Hampstead
"The Loft 1"
pen and ink drawing,
245 x 315mm, £275.00

Lenkiewicz Pen Drawing
Robert Lenkiewicz,
"The Loft 3"
pen and ink drawing,
240 x 285mm, POA
Pen and Ink sketch by R. O. Lenkiewicz
Robert Lenkiewicz,
"The Loft 4"
pen and ink drawing,
245 x 300mm, POA
Lenkiewicz drawing

Robert Lenkiewicz was born in London in 1941. His parents were Jewish refugees from Germany and Poland. Though he found his mother a difficult person there was no doubt that she encouraged him in his creative activities.

He went to St. Martin's School of Art and then to The Royal Academy Schools. He spent some years teaching in London attracting miscellaneous visitors to his studios. Many of these people found great difficulty in relating to the society they lived in; this resulted in the first of a series of different premises converted for the occupancy of vagrant and disturbed people.

He taught in Cornwall and then moved to Plymouth where he continued a similar lifestyle. After some years, he had established nine separate buildings throughout the city. Lenkiewicz was a controversial figure who attracted constant publicity. In 1971, he painted a landmark mural in the heart of the Barbican, which remains today. Later, he faced censorship after being criticized for painting nude figures on public display.

Throughout this period he had been working intensively on the first of a long series of projects which he termed 'The Relationships Series'. VAGRANCY was the first of these projects - nineteen more have followed. Over the years he has put together a large and specialist Library with many rooms. Each one contains books on a specific theme, there are rooms on Metaphysics, Philosophy, Death, Suicide and Euthanasia, Theology, Literature and Poetry and two further rooms of Art history and Art biography. The Library and the projects have in common his consistent research into the causes of obsessive and fanatical behaviour.

He had a serious heart complaint and had been seeing specialists in the weeks before he died. But his early death was still unexpected. He was still talking of needing more time to finish his work. He said in 2001: "The insignificant event of my personal extinction, no more than a blade of grass, doesn't trouble me in the slightest. But it would be inconvenient if it was in the next four years.

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Original paintings and signed prints by R. O. Lenkiewicz

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