Joy Wolfenden Brown - Green Skirt

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Medium: Oil on Paper Image Size: ?mm
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Artist's Biography
Joy paints in oils with an immediacy that almost defies the medium - her figures have an unselfconcious integrity that demans our attention, teasing out a response, an empathy.  The seemingly anecdotal nature of her paintings, tiny slices of verisimilitude from the domestic arena - lying in bed, a hug, a walk holding hands - transpose equally well into metaphors and as such the theme of letting go is increasingly apparent.

Joy Wolfenden Brown's background is in Art Therapy (she worked for some time with disturbed teenagers in a mental health unit) and one senses that to bring this emotional veracity to her work she has drawn at a deep well.  Her images, whether playful, pensive, lonely, or preoccupied go to the heart of the matter and take us with them.  These are paintings that reflect on the small, quiet interludes of human life and elucidate them with joy, sensitivity and hope.


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Joy Wolfenden Brown - Green Skirt

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