John Bagwanath-King - An Evening at Lopwell on the Tavy

John Baragwanath King - antique watercolour - Lopwell Dam

Medium: Watercolour and bodycolour Image Size: 280 x 440mm.

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John Baragwanath-King 1864 to 1939
A landscape painter mainly in watercolour. Born near Penzance, Cornwall. He began his working life as an engineer and later became an artist.

After the turn of the century he received a noteworthy accolade by selling one of his paintings to Queen Alexandra. This led to subsequent purchases by her husband, King Edward VII. Despite the welcome publicity surrounding these events, he was eventually to fall from grace due to the untimely sale of one of his paintings to Kaiser Willheim near the outbreak of the First World War.

He published a book called 'Arthur and Others in Cornwall' and is believed at one time to have had a studio in Connaught Avenue, Mutley, Plymouth.

He finished his days in a Cornish village called Trewoon, where he is reputed to have painted, mainly to sustain his pastime of drinking beer.

His artistic skills are varied, as was his use of colour which ranges from predominately blue and pink seascapes, to the dramatic green, grey and purple of his landscapes. This play with colour and tone may be influenced by Cezanne, using a change in colour as substitute for dark and light, or to emphasize depth in perspective.

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Antique watercolour by John Baragwanath-King - An Evening at Lopwell Dam on the Tavy.

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