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For your reference this page contains details of sold pictures and paintings.

Frederick Parr
Ilfracombe Devon
Watercolour, 255x 357mm, SOLD
Frederick Parr - Ilfracombe

Anthony Amos
Evening Tide
Acrylic on board, framed, 1010 x 555mm,

Amos Evening Tide Painting
Anthony Amos
The Yard Arm
Acrylic on board, framed, 90 x 285mm,
The Yard Arm

Frank Hewett
West Buckland Valley and Pond
Watercolour 227 x 312mm,


West Buckland

Douglas Pinder

Rushing Stream, Dartmoor
Watercolour with body colour, 116 x 190mm,


Dartmoor Pinder

Douglas Pinder

Sunset, Dartmoor
Watercolour with body colour, 116 x 190mm,


Pinder Dartmoor
Andrew Scott Rankin
The Peat Gatherers
Watercolour, 325 x 490mm SOLD
Irish School watercolour - The Peat Gatherers

Anthony Amos
Gathering the Reeds
Acrylic on board 1035 x 760
40.5 x 30 inches  SOLD

Reed Gatherer by Antony Amos

Anthony Amos
Beached Boats
Acrylic on board, framed. SOLD


Anthony Amos
Canal Boat
Acrylic on board, framed 215 x 160mm, SOLD

amos painting

Anthony Amos
Rowing Out
Acrylic on board, framed 120 x 145mm, SOLD

Anthony Amos

Anthony Amos
The Yard Arm
Acrylic on board, framed 90 x 285mm, SOLD

Tony Amos
Antony Amos
Shipping on the Thames

Acrylic on board, 310 x 780mm,  SOLD
Amos Ships

Antony Amos
Hauling the Lifeboat

Acrylic on board, 310 x 500mm, SOLD

Beachin the Boats
Antony Amos
Offloading the Catch
Acrylic on board, 240 x 520mm, SOLD
Landing the catch
Antony Amos
Trawlers at the Quayside
Acrylic on board, 190 x 275mm, SOLD
Trawlers 2
Antony Amos
Acrylic on board, 180 x 290mm, SOLD
Artist with Model
Signed Print, 720mm x 720mm SOLD
Donald Greig
Fishing, Custom Quay, Salcombe
Oil on Canvas, 400 x 500mm, SOLD

Donald Greig The Cornfield Oil on Board, 270 x 360mm SOLD


Douglas Houzen Pinder
Newquay Beach
Watercolour, 273 x 457mm, SOLD

Pinder Newquay Cornwall
Douglas Houzen Pinder
Newquay Beach
Watercolour, 273 x 457mm, SOLD
pinder newquay

Douglas Houzen Pinder
The Island Newquay
Watercolour, 273 x 457mm, SOLD

Pinder Cornish Seascape

Fred Yates
Eze-Sur-Mer Provence
Oil on canvas, 172 x 220mm, SOLD

Fred Yates

George Hann
Winter in Chelsea 1929
Oil on board, 600 x 445mm SOLD

Gill Watkiss
Bathers Marazion
Remarqued, Signed Limited Edition
372 x 315mm. SOLD
Gill Watkiss - Signed Print - Marazion
John Baragwanath King
Evening at Lopwell Dam on the Tavy
Watercolour and bodycolour, 280 x 440mm, SOLD
John Baragwanath King - Lopwell Dam painting
Joseph Yelverton Dawbarn
The Cow Girl 1908
Watercolour, 140 x 237mm, SOLD
yelverton dawbarn
Robert Lenkiewicz
Karen Ciambreillo Seated in the Studio
Oil on board, 410 x 250mm, framed, SOLD
Lenkiewicz painting
Mary Stork
Head of a Woman
Mixed Media, 330 x 270mm, SOLD
Mary Stork Pastel
Nora Kidder,
en, ink and watercolour, 380 x 280mm SOLD
nora kidder

Reginald Daniel Sherrin
Cornish Beach Scene
Gouache, 230 x 330mm, SOLD

R D Sherrin - Cornish Beach Scene
Robert Lenkiewicz,
"The Loft 2 Chess players "
pen and ink drawing,
310 x 300mm, SOLD
Private Conversation
Robert Lenkiewicz,
"The Loft 5"
2 pencil sketches, framed together, 'Kim relaxing' 'John playing the guitar'
195 x 240mm, 130 x 300m SOLD
Robert Lenkiewicz Pencil Sketch

Robert O. Lenkiewicz
Painter with Mary-Paper Crowns
Limited edition signed silk screen print,195/250) Framed with C Glass
460 x 630mm, SOLD

Rose Hilton
Seated Nude 1
Pastel and Crayon, 360 x 260mm, SOLD
Rose Hilton Drawing
Rose Hilton
Seated Nude 2
Pastel and Crayon, 360 x 260mm, SOLD
Rose Hilton Pastel Nude

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