Antony Amos Original Painting - Shipping on the Thames


Medium: Acylic on Board. Image Size: 310 x 780mm. Price: SOLD

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painter of marine and figurative subjects, Amos abandoned the use of brushes using his hands, soft rags and a pallette knife this lent a greater immediacy to his paintings.

Antony was born in Bristol in 1950 and sadly died in 2010 aged 59 His work was achieving widespread recognition at the time of his death.

From an early age, he worked with horses and as a nurseryman. This was followed by a career at sea working on trawlers, tugs and deep sea cargo ships.

By 1980, he had begun to paint seriously spending more and more time experimenting with all subject matter, bits of card, scraps of material - all to bring different textures to the work.

His preferred subjects were the sea, working shipyards, scrapyards, weathered ships and fishing boats, but later included architectural, horse and lifeboat subjects. He was inspired by the weather, colours of the atmosphere and the brooding hulks of the docks. His love of outdoor life gave him a unique feel for interpreting the many moods of his environment.

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Acriylic painting by Antony Amos - Shipping on the Thames

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